Boat Consignment & Trade-In in Central Florida - Let Boaters Exchange Sell Your Boat For You!

Selling Your Boat is a Hassle – Let us do it for You!

Selling Your Boat is a Hassle.
We'll Do it for You!

If you have a boat taking up space but don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with Craigslist or another listing site, let Boaters Exchange sell it for you. Thanks to our huge client base and our knowledgeable staff, our consignment option can help you sell your boat, clear some space and turn your boat in to cash. Studies show that dealership sales bring higher offers than private party sales. Boaters Exchange has a unique consignment methodology which has been fine-tuned and works. Our detailed boat inspection process and in-house financing help buyers gain confidence in your boat!

Give us a call at (321) 638-0090 or contact us below to get started. We have plenty of space to show off your boat and the customer base to help it move, fast!


• Safe and convenient place to sell your boat
• No strangers going to your home for added safety
• Top dollar paid to get you the most for your boat
• Service techs, qualified sales staff and finance specialist to help buyers through the process


• Title or registration and a Driver's License
• 10 year-old or newer boat in running condition, outboards preferred

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