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Boaters Exchange experts have compiled helpful information about boating into one place. From preparing for a day on the water, choosing a spectacular boating destination or even how to get off the docks, we hope these links make your boating experience more pleasurable!

Charter Captain's

Captain Jim Ross is a United States Coast Guard licensed captain and

owner of Fineline Fishing Charters in Rockledge, Florida near Cocoa

Beach . He is a second generation native and full time fishing guide who

is on the productive waters of East Central Florida near Orlando over

250 days a year. Captain Jim's understanding of the feeding habits and

migratory patterns of the fish he pursues in the Mosquito Lagoon and

surrounding waters throughout the year has made him one of the most

respected fishing guides in Florida.

For more details and / or the book a charter CLICK HERE

Spot N Tail Charters - Patrick Rood - 386-566-1394 -

Boat Transport

Do you need your boat shipped? This a great resource showing a variety of choices for shipping Internationally and domestically. All services are rated and verified. Check it out...

Parts & Accessories

We carry a

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large retailer catalogs. In addition, we have access to over 40,000

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Pre-Departure Links

Check the Weather Forecast

Check the Marine Forecast

Educate yourself on Boating Safety

Check list of everything you need to stay safe on the water

Learn how to fish better or book a charter with Captain Ron Presley

On the Water Links

Great local boat launch sites from County and State Parks

Check what licence you need to fish on saltwater and freshwater

How to anchor

On Green Boating

5 Ways to Green Your Boat by Alyssa Zandi

Tips on how to boat Green which helps you save on fuel

Read about new Green developments on boating manufacturers and accessories.

After Docking

How to dock

Illustrates basic maintenance needs for boats

Explains what products you should use to clean your boat and why

Boat to Grills Riverside for great food and a complimentary dock

Local Clubs & Organizations

Florida Sport Fishing Association, a non-profit organization, sharing a common love of sport fishing

Central Florida Offshore Anglers, a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating new friendships through fishing

Lady Anglers of Brevard, a non-profit organization, dedicated to education women on fishing

Space Coast Sailing & Racing, provides Brevard County sailing activities

Sebastian Inlet Sportfishing Association

Great workshops for young fishers! Promotes Angler Education, Conservation and Restoration!

Coastal Angler Magazine, Indian River Lagoon's on-line resource

Fineline Fishing Charters, featuring Central Florida fishing guide Captain Jim Ross

Local Lines Charters, featuring Space Coast fishing guide Captain Alex Gorichky


How to persuade your loved one to buy a boat

Top 10 reasons to go boating

Technical Tips / Boating Expert Notes

On a jackplated Pathfinder 22, or 24, with a big motor (200-300), the best speed and rpm should be found with the OFX4 by running a combination of jackplate elevation AND relatively less trim. Most Pathfinder folks who have come to us over the years, come to us with Yamaha Pro, SWS, and other props that are not designed for elevated motor heights. On those Paths, those folks have been trained by their props NOT to use their jackplates because their props won't take it, so their best speed and rpm is found with the jackplate down and the motor simply trimmed out. If you do that with the OFX4, it will shoot a lovely rooster tail, but it will probably not achieve its best possible rpm and speed, and also, be inefficient and hard to steer. Consequently, those folks will have to relearn how to drive their boats, since they will, now, have the capability of using their jackplate, not only, on holeshot, but at speed, as well.

Since the OFX4 can handle the elevation and it's a big enough wheel to carry the boat, we'll run it up on the jack and let the prop carry the boat on the tips. The way I teach those customers is to have them run a series of four runs, starting from a dead stop with the jackplate set, and only playing with the trim, and not the jack, during the run (using a GPS, their trim gauge, their tach, and a note pad). Run number one is with the jackplate down, run number to the jack is at 1", run number two at 2", and so on,┬┐that way, we can get them to run the entire trim range at every motor elevation up to about 4". Otherwise, they'll just go out and jack'n'trim and trim'n'jack all over the place, which means that they will never be able hit every combination, but worse, still, never be able to repeat it, so they'll never find the sweet spot, if it exists. During the run they simply trim the motor, one bump at a time, until the speed, not the revs, stop climbing, and simply note the trim angle (using the trim gauge) and the rpm at that jackplate height. Once done, they should slow the boat down, trim it under, stop the boat, raise the jack one inch, and repeat. What they should find is that the rpms and speeds should gradually increase, as the jack comes up, but of course, at a point, it will plateau and go the other way, indicating that the jack is too high.

--- Jerry