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Service Customer Bill of Rights

Service Customer Bill of Rights

Why Do Customers Keep Coming Back to Boaters Exchange Service                                                                                                

  1. We are open Mon-Fri, 9-6 and Sat 9-4 to serve you.  Please call us for an appointment!
  2. Quick turn-around time, usually 3 days for routine maintenance and simple repairs. “In on Monday, out on Friday”.
  3. Prices for common scheduled maintenance jobs are posted, no surprises. 
  4. If diagnosis is required, repair estimates are presented in writing and an affirmative response is received prior to beginning work.  Typically, the diagnosis occurs on the next business day!
  5. If less time is needed to complete the job than we estimated, we charge you less!
  6. Delivery schedule estimates are met 95% of the time.
  7. At delivery time, all work performed is reviewed with the customer with the extensive use of props and similar parts.  Then the customer is escorted out to his boat, assisted with hook-up, and the engine is started.
  8. Old parts are stored for inspection up to 1 week after completion of work.
  9. The boat is cleaner at pickup time than drop-off time; wives love it!
  10. Our comeback rate is less than 0.2%.  When comebacks do occur, top priority is given to the repair.
  11. Boaters Exchange is certified to perform warranty repair on most marine engines.  Even if boat is out of warranty, our certified experts and master techs will repair according to manufacturers’ specifications!
  12. Annual maintenance check points are a superset of manufacturer’s requirements—we check additional systems to make sure surprises are minimized.
  13. Each customer’s receipt is loaded with data & numbers about their engine & boat. This data is stored indefinitely and securely in our database—call us many years later and we can provide a full history.
  14. Our prices are “very fair”, lower than most brick-and-mortar service centers, and very easy to understand. Also, usually payment is not required until after work is performed.
  15. A follow-up call is performed for every customer by 3rd party market research firm.
  16. Pick-up/delivery services are available; customers don’t need to own or operate a trailer.
  17. Customers are called “early and often” when problems are being diagnosed and work is being performed.
  18. Only OEM parts and Yamaha fluids are used (unless otherwise specified).
  19. Boaters Exchange, the only 5-star certified dealer in Brevard County, is a one-stop marine service center, offering fiberglass repair, welding services, detailing, and waxing, electronics installation, trailer repair, canvas, and upholstery.
  20. We offer immediate access to business owners, who are on-site 95% of the time.


Passion Statement for Boaters Exchange Service:

We love creating a positive and consistent reaction with local boaters by maximizing the enjoyment of their boats through the repair of boats, engines, and trailers, in addition to the installation of gear and accessories.

“Making MAGIC with the boats in our care!”

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